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24th June 2021

16th June 2021

Gravitas have launched in Mainland China!

Gravitas is more than excited to announce that we are expanding into mainland China, with Shenzhen as our first office here. Here’s five exciting things you probably didn’t know about Shenzhen, representing why Shenzhen is special for us and why we plan to expand our business here!


22nd October 2020

23rd January 2017

Collaboration Needed to Ensure Digital & Technical Skills for the Future

Last week Gravitas joined other local businesses to discuss the progress of a bid to bring a Creative Digital UTC to Leeds.  As member of the Project Steering Group we believe educators and employers should be working together to overcome the growing issue of skills shortages in the Digital and Technical industries.  In this blog post our Head of Communications, discusses collaboration and the concept behind UTCs.  

5th December 2016

10th November 2016

25th September 2016

DiversityTalk: Women in Technology

In our latest Diversitytalk breakfast briefing delegates discussed the latest thinking in gender equality and what forward-thinking organisations are doing to address the issue.

11th August 2016

21st August 2015

14th May 2015

The Apple Watch

10 years ago, if anyone said to you there would be a watch which allowed you to play music, measure your heart rate, communicate with family or friends, paid for lunch, or navigated long car trips as well as telling the time would you believe them?

20th March 2015

28th January 2015

13th November 2014

19th May 2014

Digital Gravitas: April 11th 2014

Call me a cynic; ‘Informative’, ‘organised’, ‘business-like’ – there are handfuls of descriptives used to epitomise networking events, though ‘fun’ is often not one you will have heard!

16th May 2014

22nd April 2014

Mobile Working

The continued evolution of the modern workplace presents new challenges and innovation. A continued theme for many of the IT professionals I deal with is mobile working and the gradual trend away from “Head Office”. The ability for many employees to spend two to three days a week working from home or on site means ...

22nd April 2014

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