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16th May 2014

The next Foursquare meets Whatsapp - MWC 2014


Guillem Sole | Pau Ballart – The next Foursquare meets Whatsapp?


  1. What brings you to MWC 2014 and what do you want to gain from it?

We are iOS developers, we have been working on mobile apps for 2 years and we came to the MWC with the new app we have developed with our team, Meetion. We would like to meet some investor and lots of master developers in order to discuss about mobile apps, but concretely about development techniques and frameworks.

  1. What’s been your favourite part of MWC this year?

We have been to the three main events: the MWC at Fira Gran Via, the WipJam and “4 Years From Now”. The best was the WipJam because the developer community was there. There where like 3 or 4 workshops that were very interesting about different frameworks on iOS development.

On the other hand, talking about the app we bring to the MWC, Meetion, we made great contacts at the 4 Years for Now event. We impacted many people, which was the idea we had.

  1. Tell us a bit more about your background

We are students of Telecommunications at the UPC here in Barcelona and we have been interested in technology since always. We are 100% self-taught and we learned programing languages looking to Internet or reading books. We also have an engineering thinking which it helps us to organize and execute our projects clean and fast.

  1. What are your 2 proudest apps and why are they different to anything else out there at the moment?

The first one is Meetion. It’s a social app that it hasn’t been created before. Meetion platform is an app that lets you manage meetings and events for groups of friends, focusing on the efficiency of the “pre-and-in event”, through a powerful development of geo-location.

Knowing that social activity is crucial to the positive development of society, the foundation aims to Meetion to enhance the experience of our daily meetups with people around us.

We are very excited with this app because is really usefull and when people uses it and they tell you Meetion is really helpful in their real life this is impressive.

The other app is called “Vet Helper” and it’s a completely different app from Meetion. Vet Helper is a very specific app for vets that helps them to calculate the quantity of medicine required to apply a treatment in a farm. This app may sound rare but we are very proud of it because it’s an emerging sector and we are the firsts doing apps for vets and animal care so it’s going well.

  1. Once you graduate, what type of industry or company would you love the chance to work with?

We both are looking forward apps development. We are studying telecommunications because it gives a really good background of the new technologies and a manner of thinking but we love apps and iPhones so we would love to work in a real company with a real project and work in a team with other mates and like this.

  1. So who’s the brain and who’s the brawn in this partnership?

Haha. Good one. We both are both. We think that we make a really good and strong partnership. We have been working together for 2 years and when we develop side-by-side thinks go very fast. When someone gets stuck the other resolves the issue.

  1. Who are your inspirations in the Tech World?

Our reference will always be Steve Jobs, of course.

  1. What are your top 3 apps that you guys are using at the moment?

Whatsapp, Facebook and Spotify or Soundcloud.

  1. What are your 3 top companies you would love to work with?

Excluding Apple, Facebook and Google, we would love to work for Spotify, Nike or GoPro.

  1. Finally, fast forward 7 years…what would you guys like to be known for?

To be part of the development team of an app that is in the Top 10 and lots of people use every day.


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interesting .. Sam whats your thoughts?? you were at the meeting


Great interview - would like to see more !


Great interview - would like to see more

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