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Our Placements

Our Placements

Hong Kong

Head of Asia Proposition – Canadian MNC Life Insurer, Regional Office

Head of Business Development – European MNC Financial Institution

Regional head of Audit – European MNC Life Insurer

Head of Pricing – multiple successful mandates across HK for Canadian, EU & local Life Insurers.

Strategic Director - Regional office of US MNC Life Insurer

Head of Proposition – HK Business unit of European MNC Life Insurer

Product Director – HK Business unit of European MNC Life Insurer

Chief Actuary – HK Life Insurance Company

Actuarial Director – Big4 Consultant

Capital Management Director – EU Life Insurer, Regional Office

Associate Director – Marketing Actuary – EU Life Insurer, HK Business Unit

Associate Director - Par fund & Investment – EU Life Insurer, HK Business unit

Research and Business Development VP – Rating Agency

Head of Protection – HK Business unit of MNC European Composite Insurer

Senior Actuary, Individual medical – European Reinsurer

Longevity Research & Development – European Reinsurer

Head of Long-Tail Claims, Hong Kong and Greater China – European Composite Insurer

VP Property Underwriter – European MNC Composite Insurer

Head of Commercial Practice – Multinational Broker

Property Construction & Engineering Underwriter – Pan Asia Reinsurer

VP Client markets- Capital Markets focus – US MNC Life Reinsurer

VP Client markets – Capital Markets focus – EU MNC Life Reinsurer

Capital Markets Institutional Sales – EU Investment house, HK Business unit

Distribution Project Manager – European MNC Life Insurer, HK Business unit

Senior BPR Project Manager – European Life Insurer

Head of PMO – Composite Insurer, HK Business unit

Head of Consultancy – Multinational Software provider (to insurance companies)

Life Claims Manager – Pan Asia Life Insurer

Life Administration Manager – European MNC Life Insurer, HK business.

Customer Service Manager – US MNC Life Insurer

Healthcare Management Specialist – US Life Reinsurer

Distribution Support Specialist – Canadian Life Insurer

Head of Agency – Canadian Life Insurer

Head of Brokerage – US Life Insurer, HK business Unit



VP Property Underwriter – European Reinsurer

Senior Client Markets Actuary, Individual Medical – European Reinsurer

Senior Consultant (Life) – Global Actuarial Consultant

Senior Product Manager – Pan Asian Composite Insurer

Senior A&H Product Manager – Pan Asian Composite Insurer

Associate Director Valuation – EU Life Insurer

Head of ALM & Investment – EU Life Insurer

Regional Marine Manager South East Asia – Lloyds Syndicate

Marine Underwriter – Lloyds Syndicate

Treaty Underwriting Manager, Non-Life Reinsurer

Senior Marine Claims Adjustor – Lloyds Syndicate

Senior Claims Manager - Global Brokerage house 

VP Commercial Lines / A&H underwriter – Pan Asia Composite Insurer, Singapore Business

(Individual) Health Product & Pricing Actuary – European MNC Life Insurer – Singapore Business

Medicare / Health Actuarial Consultant (contract) – Life Insurer

Senior Engineering Underwriter – Non Life Pan-Asia Reinsurer



Life Risk Director, Actuarial Consulting – Global Consultant, Beijing

Group Actuarial Head – Local Chinese Life Insurer, Beijing

Life Chief Actuary – JV Life Insurer, Dalian/Beijing

Senior Consultant (Non-Life Actuarial / motor) – Global Actuarial Consultant, Beijing

Head of Bancassurance – Asia’s largest Life Insurer, Shanghai

Head of Commercial Lines – MNC Non-Life Insurer, Shanghai

Director of Retirement Services – Global Compensation & Benefits Consultancy, Shanghai

Head of Client Marketing – Largest Chinese Reinsurer, Beijing

Investment & Market Risk Manager – Largest Chinese Life Insurer, Shanghai

Head of Product Portfolio – Life Insurance JV, Shenzhen

Head of Pricing - JV Life Insurer, Ji Nan

Fac Casualty Underwriter, Composite EU Reinsurer, Beijing

Individual Medical Client Markets Actuary, EU Reinsurer, Beijing

Chief Risk Officer – US / JV Life Insurer, Shanghai




Chief Actuary – Thai Non-Life Insurer

Chief Actuary – Thai Life Insurer

Head of Pricing - EU / Thai JV Life Insurer

Senior Manager- FSI Reporting & Planning – MNC Canadian Life Insurer

VP - Business & Product Development – MNC European Life Insurer
Senior Manager - Strategic Planning-Expense & Procurement Management – MNC European Life Insurer

Senior Manager (IFRS & Valuation) – Largest Life Insurance Company in Thailand

Prophet Consultant – EU JV Thai Life Insurer



CEO – MNC European Life Insurer

CFO/Appointed Actuary – MNC European Life Insurer

Head of Pricing- MNC Canadian Life Insurer

Senior Manager - Valuation –Canadian Life Insurer



Chief Actuary – Local Life Insurer

Head of Pricing - European Life Insurer

Distribution Support Specialist – Canadian Life Insurer

Head of Valuation – European Life Insurer

CRO – Local Life Insurer

Appointed Actuary – EU Life Insurer

Life Actuarial Consultant – Global Actuarial Consulting firm

Valuation Control Executive – Canadian Life Insurer

IFRS Reporting Actuary – EU Life Insurer

Business Development Director – Canadian Life Insurer



General Manager- Middle Eastern Reinsurer

Head of Personal lines – (Non-Life) MNC Composite Reinsurer

Senior Property & Construction Underwriter – Specialist MNC Reinsurer

Product Director – EU Life Insurer

Pricing Manager –EU Life Insurer

Pricing manager (Takaful) –Pan-Asia Composite Insurer



Associate Director – Actuarial – Big4

Chief Actuary – Taiwanese Life Insurer



CRO Local Business unit – Canadian Life insurer

Actuarial Consultant – Global Actuarial consultancy



Chief Actuary – Canadian Life Insurer



Commercial Director –European General Insurer, Sydney

Head of Bonding – European General Insurer, Sydney

BDM (business development manager) – European General Insurer, Melbourne

Senior FL Underwriter – Leading Underwriting Agency, Sydney

Liability Underwriter – Global Insurer, Sydney

Claims manager – Global Brokerage house, Sydney 

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