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24th November 2014

Microsoft goes Open source



OpenSource is a new update for Microsoft Technologies that turns .Net Libraries and frameworks into public domains which can be seen by the development community. This will enable developers to use .Net to build across Windows, Mac and LINUX platforms. Many developers see this as Microsoft “giving something back” to the community. In addition to this Microsoft have enabled their stack to be developed cross platform including IOS and Android.


  • Easier for developers to be working on a large mix of projects.
  • Opportunity to work on exciting tech that they couldn’t work on before.
  • Get opportunity to contribute to future improvements on the .Net stack by having it OpenSource.
  • Easier to access for amateur developers
  • Organizations can find solutions to problems far easier than before.
  • Help .Net developers work on mobile applications


  • Because it is a cross platform many developers believe job specs will broaden and it will be harder to learn all the new technology
  • Takes away any niche and specialized roles.
  • Business’ see it as a bonus as they can show the public what they are working on and can show how you they differentiate to other companies.
  • One view is that it is a publicity stunt by Microsoft to build up their brand.


The view on Microsoft OpenSource and Cross Platform update is a much divided one. Many people believe it will open up a whole new way of developing across a variety of technologies and enable people to have a much more varied CV. Whereas, others believe it is nothing but a publicity stunt by Microsoft to try and raise their profile in the development community,  creating more generic jobs with no real niche roles.



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Very interesting, I haven't thought about it like this before

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