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Discussion Topics

25th April 2014

Gravitas release comments on recent NHS Events:

The NHS Gravitas technical discussion groups/networking events are: informative, entertaining and most importantly business conducive. The guest speakers are experts in their field, they know .....

22nd April 2014

Permanent or Contract?

The age old question. What to choose, Permanent or Contract. Two very similar things when thinking of the day to day duties but...

22nd April 2014

CV Surgery

Starting a CV from scratch can sometimes seem like a big ordeal - especially if it is the first time you've written one in 10 years! Gravitas' CV surgery is here to help...

22nd April 2014

ERP? The Next Big Thing?

Currently Housing Associations across the country are watching Sanctuary’s SAP implementation. Bravely being the first English Housing Association transforming all of its 100,000 stock, training all staff and migrating all its data from Northgate to SAP. Originally there were...

22nd April 2014

£5bn Commissioning Support

NHS England have released a 4 year framework, which allows CCG's and other health service organisations to purchase services in IT support, Business Intelligence, medicines management and case management...

22nd April 2014

MVC or Webforms?

In 2008 Microsoft came up with something called as ASP.NET MVC and I was quite amazed about the fact “Why one more ASP.NET technology required” and many people still pondering same...

22nd April 2014

Affordable rate cuts

is the commercial approach to housing a negative or positive? do the changes in policy and restricted budgets ultimately affect the ability to develop IT systems that can cope with the changes? Or do they allow for increased revenues to fund the sector?

22nd April 2014

13 Reasons why C# is better than VB.net

Let's get practical, religion aside, with an eye on programmer productivity, here are the top 13 reasons why C# is better than VB.NET, in no particular order. If you have some other ones, let me know...

22nd April 2014

22nd April 2014

Networking - Gravitas Housing Division

Networking is becoming ever more prevalent in the housing community. It is the perfect opportunity to share ideas and exchange market trends. Gravitas Housing Division are embarking upon major plans for networking in 2014, we are currently in the process of setting up a round table discussion...

22nd April 2014

Mobile Working

The continued evolution of the modern workplace presents new challenges and innovation. A continued theme for many of the IT professionals I deal with is mobile working and the gradual trend away from “Head Office”. The ability for many employees to spend two to three days a week working from home or on site means ...

22nd April 2014

22nd April 2014

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