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Case Studies

Our Case Studies

We realise that clients go through detailed selection processes prior to engaging a new preferred suppliers, and equally the best candidates will only work with a select number of agencies. The choice of agencies is vast, and we appreciate the importance of offering a service that ensures Gravitas becomes the agency of choice to all.

We are proud of our work and the services we offer, and want to share our successes with all our potential clients and candidates to encourage a confidence and trust. Please look at the case studies, which demonstrate the exceptional service Gravitas apply to every placement.

The Brief
The client, a leading software house supplying to financial services, had successfully won two major long term projects to supply globally to their clients. The sudden increase in demand resulted in the need to increase the headcount within the UK Development Centre of Excellence by eleven heads, across development, support, and testing.

The Challenge
To ensure that the process of recruiting multiple positions, across different specialities was managed effectively, whilst allowing the client management to continue their duties without the distraction of a major recruitment drive. The entire process of search, interviewing, selection and integrating new staff into the company all had to be completed within seven weeks.

The Solution
Gravitas presented a ‘Recruitment Process Outsourcing' (RPO) solution to the client, based upon creating an internal project team to assist the client. The team, consisting of a Recruitment Manager, two Senior Consultants and Resourcers, was tasked to research the relevant markets to identify where best the most desirable talent could be drawn from.

Our client required all new staff to be successfully integrated with minimum disruption.  The project deadlines were tight, and new staff needed to be operational in their roles almost immediately. Gravitas demonstrated to the client that the best way of achieving their brief would be to look to existing teams working with their competition. Therefore bringing on board staff that know each other well and work well as a team.

Once, relevant teams had been identified our Client Services Manager worked on site with the client to ensure minimal disruption, whilst still ensuring the tight timescale was met.

Through a series of early morning and evening review meetings, relevant profiles were selected and over three full days of managed interviews, 11 offers were made from just 24 interviews.

The Result

Candidates telephone Screened


Candidates met by Gravitas


Screened submittals to Client


Telephone Interviews by Client


Candidates interviews by Client


Offers made


Offers accepted


The process, from receipt of the job description to the final acceptance, took nine working days.

This allowed Gravitas to utilise our extensive network of candidates, recruitment methodologies and experience to identify and screen candidates.  The successful candidates were all extensively phone interviewed and subsequently interviewed face to face where they were thoroughly briefed on the role prior to being submitted to the client. Therefore, only the most relevant and committed candidates were presented to the client for the positions. Furthermore, the highly professional and tailored RPO solution ensured that all applicants possessed a strong belief that the experience of the process mirrored the company they were interviewing with - leading to an exceptional offer acceptance rate.

The Client's verdict

"Simply we were a nightmare client!! 2 new project teams - needed to be at desks in less than 2 months. Gravitas presented a solution that looked too good to be true. However, after a couple of meetings to explain exactly how they would achieve this - they demonstrated true commitment to the job and put in amount of significant effort to help us fill the vacancies. We have always had a pretty hit and miss relationship with most agencies - however, we developed a good working relationship with Gravitas - which we helped by initially working with their Director Jonathan Ellerbeck, this created a sturdy platform. We now consider Gravitas to be a valued partner - and feel confident in our ability to scale our business again - when the need arises'.

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